DIY Brightening and Tightening Face Mask

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In the first few months of my last pregnancy my skin wen haywire. It was breaking out more than it ever had before and nothing I put on it seemed to help.

So I decided to try a more natural approach.

Couldn’t hurt, right? Nothing else was working.

So I started using this mask and after a few applications my skin had calmed down significantly. I continued to use it a few times a week and several months later, about 6-7 to be exact, my skin rarely broke out anymore and all of my previously acquired acne scars were completely gone.

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Why, you may wonder? I attribute it to the following reasons:

Lemon Juice may aid in the lightening of dark spots left by acne scars, aging, and hyperpigmentation. It has antibacterial properties and helps to speed up the healing of existing acne as well as prevent future breakouts. It helps to remove blackheads and reduces skin oiliness. It also helps to remove dead skin cells resulting in brighter, smoother, glowing skin.

Egg Whites help to tighten the skin and shrink pores. They contribute to maintaining elasticity in the skin and can reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Raw Honey, as I talked about in my last skin care post, draws moisture to the skin and helps to retain it. It also has antibacterial properties and helps to heal the skin.

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 This is my single most  favorite homemade face treatment and it has done the most for my skin when it comes to face masks.

My hubby even uses it ;)

*Remember that this is my personal opinion and these are my results. Some people may have different reactions to the products used, so always do a patch test on your skin if you are not sure how it will react! It may not work for everyone. Lemon can be a little stinging on sensitive skin, so use less if you find it irritates yours.

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DIY Brightening and Tightening Face Mask
  • 1 Egg White
  • ½ T. Raw Honey
  • ½ T. Fresh Lemon Juice
  1. Place all ingredients in a deep bowl. Whip briskly with a fork or whisk until foamy, 1-2 minutes.
  2. Wash and dry your face, and then, using your fingers or a small brush, spread the mixture over your entire face, avoiding the eye area. I like to spread it on as thickly as possible without it dripping.
  3. Leave the mask on for 30 minutes, or until it has completely dried and feels tight on your skin.
  4. Rinse the mask off with warm water, using a washcloth to gently wipe the mask away.
  5. Splash your face with very cold water and gently pat dry.


    • Kayley says

      When my skin is having a hard time I will use this every day. But if your skin is sensitive to these ingredients, or if you don’t break out very often then I would only do it once or maybe twice a week!

  1. Kerstin says

    Sorry, what does the “T” mean in the recipe? I’m german and I have no idea what the translation of the “T” could be

  2. Amber says

    Might be a silly question but I don’t buy regular eggs. I like the egg white cartons. Do you think that would still be ok to use?

  3. kita says

    Can you recommend a facial mask that will tigten for sensitive skin….the egg white and honey mask irritated my face very bad… an itchy bumps HELP PLEASE!!!!

    • says

      Hi Kita! I’m sorry it irritated your skin! You could try it without the lemon, that is probably what irritated it if it’s super sensitive. The egg white is what tightens the skin. The lemon is for brightening.

  4. kita says


  5. Becca says

    I tried the mask, so far I’m loving it, but I’m wondering. I used regular honey, and I don’t think it was raw. Is it useless putting the honey in if it isn’t raw?

    • says

      No, It’s not useless! Honey, raw or not, is a humectant, and will help hold moisture into your skin. It also helps the mixture be a bit more sticky so it stays on your face better! =)

  6. cc says

    Is the honey supposed rp be solid before measured? I just bought raw honey for the first time and its a soft solid, no fluidness to it

  7. Deanna says

    For several weeks I’ve been intending on trying this mask. Well it’s on my face now & I’m really excited to see the out come. Thanks for posting this mask for me to check out. It’s been on my face for over 30 minutes but it’s not quite dry just yet. Should I leave it on longer or take it off now?

    • says

      You’re welcome, Deanna! You should be good to take it off after 30 minutes, though it usually dries in about half that time for me. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. KT says

    This is so wonderful! I only just used this mask for the first time tonight and my skin is so soft and smooth! love it!

  9. Blythe says

    I substituted orange juice for lemon juice and got fantastic results – the citrus was still there as an ingredient and really helped clean my pores. I’ve been using it for a few months now and I love it. Thanks so much!

  10. Nandhini says

    Hello Kayley

    Can u please tel me with in how many months I will get rid of pores.Have used once I think its effective but can u please tel me the exact period


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